Roland Space Echo -  Replacement  Loops

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ROLAND RE- Series & KORG SE Tape Loop New! REPLACES ORIGINAL ROLAND RT-1L 4 METER TAPE LOOP. Fits KORG SE & ROLAND RE SERIES RE – 101 – 150 – 201 – 301 – 501 – SRE-555 Oxbow Studios is a mostly analog studio specializing in vintage gear. We are very familiar with analog tape machines, be it a tape echo or 2” multi track. We are musicians and engineers who care about the craft of recording music. When it comes to tape echoes, the make or break difference is the choice of tape and the SPLICE! The splice in our experience, if done properly can eliminate dropouts all together. After years of trying different “endless loop/ lubricated” tape formulas, we (and many others) find Roland RE Series, & KORG SE units sound their absolute best with BASF LGR-50. Even better than the original Scotch formula ROLAND used in the RT1L cartridge. Oxbow Studios has a large inventory of NOS, LGR-50. We import directly from Germany. We test each loop before packaging to ensure quality.    

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