My close friend, Jimmy Robinson, worked with Jimi Hendrix on the album "Band of Gypsy's"  including working on many Record Plant Sessions.  Robinson has an intimate knowledge of how Hendrix's equipment was set up back in the day.

During this time Jimmy worked with Roger Mayer and Dan Armstrong and spent a lot of time with Hendrix in the studio.  He would set up his gear for him because Hendrix had a certain way he liked it.  He would also experiment with different ways of setting up Hendrix's pedals and amps and was always looking for different ways to patch things. 

At a recent visit to Oxbow Studios,  Robinson was blown away by how close the Oxbow Studios Clyde McCoy wah sounded next to an original 1967 Italian made Clyde McCoy.   

"Short of laying down a $1000 plus for a vintage 67' Clyde McCoy, the Oxbow is a no brainer at $250! I highly recommend you checking it out!"

~ Jimmy Robinson 

"My search for the perfect wah has ended.  I have been through many wahs - the classic ones you can buy at your local music store and boutique wahs as well.  The Ox Box wah has a nice throaty, meaty growl to it that is similar to what Hendrix and SRV had.  THIS IS THE BEST WAH I HAVE OWNED. I did have a small problem with the wah, but it turned out to be an electrical component.  The guys at Ox Box Studios graciously fixed the pedal without question and expedited the fix! If you are looking for the classic Italian vox wah sound, look no further." 

~ Brandon C.

"Hello again,

I just ordered another wah wah from you last night as the first one is hands down the best wah I have ever heard and sounds just like my originals with a beautiful organic sound that only the real ones have.

This is Hendrix and early Cream and I have tried them all.

Thank you so much I had to have two,"

Paul S.

Well, have owned 10 clydes and 5 trashcan wahs since this trek has started i can say your wah is very very close and i use them on gigs and leave the vintage wah at home. If they ( your wah) did not sound good i have no problem bringing vintage gear to the gig. I use 
Bassman from 62, 58 strat, 52 tele, 58 LP, and 62 SG on gigs now, they earn their keep.. Your wah nails it for me. Thanks. Use this on your website As a customer review. All the best.

Bill M.

​       Jimi Hendrix's friend and engineer

endorses the Oxbow Studios Clyde McCoy!

Producer, Engineer - Jimmy Robinson