Clyde McCoy Replica Wah!

The Clyde McCoy (Picture) Wah-Wah

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Lifetime warranty on circuit board! 90-day warranty on switch & pot. Customer Pays Return Shipping on Warranty Repairs.  ALL SALES FINAL! 

STOCK Clyde McCoy Picture WAH-WAH replica

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Send us your wah shell and we'll build our 1967 Clyde McCoy Picture Wah-Wah Replica circuit into your VOX or Crybaby.

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 Jimi Hendrix's friend and engineer endorses the Oxbow Studios Clyde McCoy!

Producer, Engineer - Jimmy Robinson

My late, close friend, Jimmy Robinson, was the assistant engineer to Wally Heider on the album "Band of Gypsys" including working on many Record Plant Sessions. Robinson has an intimate knowledge of how Hendrix's equipment was set up back in the day. 

During this time Jimmy worked with, Gary Kellgren, Roger Mayer, and Dan Armstrong. Jimmy spent a lot of time with Hendrix in the studio.  He would set up his gear for him, Hendrix had a certain way he liked it.  He would also experiment with different ways of setting up Hendrix's pedals and amps and was always looking for different ways to patch things. 

At a recent visit to Oxbow Studios, Robinson was blown away by how close the Oxbow Studios Clyde McCoy wah sounded next to an original 1967 Italian made Clyde McCoy.   

"Short of laying down a $1000 plus for a vintage 67' Clyde McCoy, the Oxbow is a no
 brainer, I highly recommend you checking it out!"

~ Jimmy Robinson 

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Clyde McCoy “Picture” Wah-Wah Replica

If you are seeking a Hendrix Wah-Wah tone… this is it!! 

These are detailed after my original 1967 Clyde McCoy, so this is as close to the real thing as you can get! Based on the original 1967 Thomas Organ Co. / Italian Vox circuit.
Built into a 90’s “Made in USA” Vox shell with a slight relic appearance!      

NOS Custom hand wound Halo inductor in the 500 – 520mH sweet spot!

Exact 1967 Clyde McCoy laminated PCB replica 

​Reproduction Picture Wah bottom plate decal to go over original Vox V847 plate.

NOS Parts from the late 1960’s include:      

PIHER carbon film resistors    

Siemens/CDIL/Telefunken BC109b Low hfe Transistors·      

Mullard C280 Tropical fish capacitors·      

ERO / Roederstein Gold Audiophile electrolytic capacitor

​ERO / Roederstein Polystyrene capacitors

NEW Icar custom taper Potentiometer      

​NEW Carling DPDT hard wire bypass switch
All Hand wired

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