The Controls: 
Attack Sets rate of gate envelope

Release Sets rate of gate envelope (time before gate can re-trigger)

Depth Sets how far the gate reduces the signal (range -12db to -50db)Filter   

Gain Sets internal gain of the distortion generator

Volume Sets Output level of device (range from off to VERY hot)Footswitch 1 Engage / Bypass unitFootswitch 2 Gate on / offLED 1 red Steady = unit engaged, Flash with note = gating, Not lit =hard bypassLED 2 blue Lit = gate active, Not lit = gate disengaged

Power: 9 volt internal battery, or any clean external 9-18 volt DC supply.
Power connector is industry standard tip negative
Battery disconnects when ¼ “ input jack is unplugged

Proudly handmade in USA

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Blackmer Germainator 

The Blackmer Design Germainator pedal is a unique and unusual all-analog dynamic distortion processor designed by Michael F. Blackmer, son of David E. Blackmer; the founder of dbx.Primarily intended for guitarists, this unit is a distortion-boost with integral gate, similar in function to the Blackmer Guitar Star pedal, but with a stronger classic internal fuzz voice and a smooth and subtle dynamic playing feel particularly suited to melodic power lead performance. The versatile (and virtuous) control set; Grace, Beauty, Truth, Depth and Strength, allows a wide range of dynamic voicing, including Slowhand, Over-Under-Sideways-Down, Satisfaction, backward guitar, bowed strings and horns.The Germainator gate circuit employs a unique, three brained, adaptive detection scheme, that strongly suppresses transient pick and fret noises, squeal, hum, and hiss, while preferentially opening the optical gate to intentionally sounded string tones. One can easily and cleanly control over 50db (x 10,000) of additional acoustic stage gain beyond what is normally possible, allowing one to make clear, clean declarative musical statements in very high gain / high volume situations without needing to “shred” or ride the volume control to stay ahead of noise and instability. You can even take your hands off of the guitar between notes while in screaming feedback mode!

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